Think of the last time you were waiting for something to finish. It could have been the laundry, that pizza in the oven or the last set of abs you were doing. What was happening? You were counting down the hours, minutes, or seconds until is was complete, right? The Oven has 3 minutes left, then went to 2 and eventually 1. Your ab workout had 30 seconds left, 15, then 0. When you did you laundry at the laundromat (Maybe you’re lucky and own a washer and dryer), you most likely walked away and did what? Set a timer for 30 minutes until you had to walk back.

There is a trend, people rely on countdowns to know when they’re done with something or something is going to be done. Typically people use countdowns for short term items like exercising and cooking. But why? You use countdowns to know exactly how much time there is left to complete something like abs or something is complete like the pizza in the oven. Why not use a countdown to know exactly how long you have left to update your passport or get your taxes to your accountant or complete your part of the team project? Many people have different ways of keeping track of tasks. They write them down on a piece of paper, they use their mind, or they use some sort of application be it mobile or on their computer. But when you make those tasks or projects, what do you do? You set a date. You need to get your passport renewed by May 5th. Great. Wait, what is the date today? How many days are in April? Is that a Tuesday? Ah screw it…it’ll get done…eventually.


Add Task

Why not use a countdown for your to-dos? You can make a task saying ‘Renew Passport’  and set it as May 5th. Instead of it showing up on your calendar the week it has to be complete, or just a random date on your to-do list app, why not have your to-do list app tell you specifically how much time you have left to get it done? Welcome to Vista List. Vista List allows you to create projects, tasks and subtasks and add a due date to them (if you choose to do so). Vista List then turns that into a countdown instead of a date you don’t know if it is a Tuesday or how far it really is away. You just know it is due sometime in the future. Open up Vista List and you’ll know you have 5 days, 7 hours and 20 minutes before you need to get your passport renewed. Isn’t that much more helpful? You know exactly how far in advance 5 days is. I wouldn’t know that May 5th is a Tuesday or I have to get to the agency by 4PM. With Vista List you just know how much longer you have to get it done. Countdowns. Create a sense of urgency knowing exactly how much time is left to complete your work project or personal task. 


Homescreen                                                        OverDue

When you open up your to-do list you just see a bunch of projects and tasks that have dates associated with them. You really have to look and think to understand how to approach them. With Vista List, just a quick look will give you an overview of how much longer you have to complete those projects and tasks with little thought or interpretation. Sign-Up for the iOS Beta coming in July 2016 and have the opportunity to provide feedback to make Vista List better.