Here at Vista List we are excited to announce our first update since we released in the App Store in November. Thanks to all the feedback from our customers, we were able to fix some bugs and add some great new features. Read on for more information.

As with every App, there will always be bugs. We discovered and fixed many internally, but thank you to all our customers who e-mailed in and reported them. Here are some of the major bug fixes:

    1. Your countdowns don’t disappear when you scroll through your list. Before, when you looked at your groups and scrolled down to view your other tasks and then scrolled up, your countdowns would disappear and you would need to refresh for them to reappear. This is fixed.
    2. Countdowns now show up when you add a new project/task. Before, when you added a new project/task within a group, the countdown would not appear until after you refreshed. This is fixed.
    3. Fixed crashes when adding new projects / tasks. Before, sometimes Vista List would crash when you entered a new project or task. This has been fixed.

Along with bug fixes, we have implemented an awesome new feature! If you were getting sick of the default background, you can now change it in Settings! Go to Settings > Profile > Change Background Image and select from the options in the list. We went ahead and tested all the backgrounds and all the text will still be visible regardless of the background you choose.


Other tweaks:

  1. On the Group screen, you can now swipe left for quick actions
  2. Swapped the check mark and ‘X’ on the date picker making it more intuitive
  3. Your projects/tasks are now sorted by due date instead of by date of entry

To get the update, simply go to the App Store > Updates and click ‘Update’ next to Vista List. If you haven’t downloaded Vista List yet, you can here

Any feedback or bugs you have, please send them to We look forward to you using Vista List! If you like your Vista List experience, please support us by rating us on the App Store and help spread the word.