Shawn, Vista List’s co-founder, had the opportunity to be on the Productivity in Tech Podcast hosted by Jay Miller. Jay is one of Vista List’s favorite people as he helped Vista List from the beginning. From the website, to the first alpha to the final beta, Jay provided great feedback helping make Vista List into what it is today.

Link to show: Productivity in Tech Podcast 44: Startups and Time based Task Management with Shawn Razek

In this podcast, Jay and Shawn discuss everything from the origin of Vista List to development all the way through launch. Jay and Shawn both started their businesses from zero and are working to build them into something great.

Here are some of the highlights from the show:

  • Introduction – About Shawn and Vista List
  • Shawn and Jay discuss how you can’t do it all alone
  • The origin of Vista List
  • Working with a remote team
  • How to take user’s feedback and decide what to build and what to table
  • Beta testing your product
  • Jay’s great feedback for Vista List
  • How to manage time with a full time job and a side hustle

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