School projects are the worst…

Weather you have a group of people or you have to do it individually, everyone dreads them. Most people dread them because you are given a project and a due date. Then, it is up to you to plan on what needs to get done and when. But like most people, you have so much going on that you either procrastinate or forget to work on it. Then, the day before it is due you are scrambling to get it done. The result? A lot of lost sleep, more stress and potentially a lower grade because you didn’t have enough time to do your best. How can you plan ahead, create deadlines for tasks and make sure you get everything done on time? The answer is Vista List — A to do list application that replaces due dates with countdown timers so you know exactly how much time is left to complete your projects and tasks, all the time. Sound like something you are interested in? If so, read on to learn how to integrate Vista List into your school projects.

The key to a successful project is planning. Make sure you know what has to get done, set deadlines and hold people accountable. Using Vista List, start by adding a project. Enter the name of the project and then select the calendar to enter a due date and time. This is critical as it will help you keep track of time as the days and weeks go on. If you think you’ll need a reminder a couple days before your project is due, select the alarm icon and set a reminder.

 VistaList-ProjectPost-1      VistaList-ProjectPost-3      VistaList-ProjectPost-2

The next thing you want to do is list out all the tasks that need to be completed in order to complete the project. This could be ‘Have a team meeting’ or ‘Write Introduction’. If these are time sensitive task (which they should be), select a due date and add a reminder so don’t have an excuse to not get it done (accountability). You can then continue to add all the tasks that need to be completed. If your task has sub-tasks, simply click into the task to bring up the details and then add more tasks. A progress bar will then be created for that task so you know how much of the task you have completed.

  VistaList-ProjectPost-4      VistaList-ProjectPost-6      VistaList-ProjectPost-5

If you haven’t noticed yet, Vista List has created countdown timers for your projects and tasks that have a due date. This way, you know exactly how much time you have left to complete everything. When you are getting close to the due date, the countdown timer will turn orange so you’re drawn to it and get motivated to ‘beat the clock’ and complete that task. If you go overdue, the countdown will turn red and start counting in the negative direction showing you how overdue you are.

 VistaList-ProjectPost-7      VistaList-ProjectPost-8

As you complete tasks and sub-tasks, the progress bar on your project will increase. This allows you to keep track of the overall progress of your project. It also serves as motivation as you see it increase when you check more tasks off creating a sense of satisfaction.

 VistaList-ProjectPost-10      VistaList-ProjectPost-9

When you go to the home screen, Vista List will show you the tasks that are due the soonest so you can quickly see what has to be done. If you have multiple tasks that are due in less than 24 hours, Vista List will show them on the home screen.

Check out our videos to learn more about quick actions, settings, changing groups and more.

Download Vista List today from the App Store and get your project done on time!