Vista List was designed around using countdowns to manage your to dos. Instead of looking at your to do list and seeing something was due December 31st, you open up Vista List and know you had exactly 7 days, 8 hours and 15 minutes until that item is due. Knowing exactly how much time is left to complete something helps you better manage your time, not let due dates slip, and help you get more done.


Vista List changes colors of the countdown depending on how much time is left. The app uses 3 colors to to represent the ‘state’ of you to do’s. NOTE: This feature is only used when you set a due date on your Project or Task.

  1. Transparent. This means you have more than 24 hours left to complete your Project or Task.
  2. Orange. The countdown will turn orange when there is less than 24 hours to complete your to do. This is used as a warning and to create awareness around that specific Project or Task. It will remain orange until it reaches zero.
  3. Red. This means your Project or Task is overdue. Vista List will continue to decrease the time, letting you know how much time you are overdue.

To add more time to any Project or Task, select the ‘Quick Add Time’ Vista List Quick Add Time Iconbutton within the Project or Task and add the appropriate amount of time.


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