Vista List Web App Beta Main

Today is a special day for us here at Vista List. We have officially launched the Beta of our Web Application! While there are still many bugs, missing features and a lot of development to go, we are excited to share this with our current customers and potential new ones. Getting feedback from individuals before we launch only makes our end product better. We shared rough wire frames with some of our current customers and received very positive feedback. We took the feedback and those wire frames and created a web app! It is in the very early stages, but we have our core functionality built out along with some great new features that are only made possible with a larger screen.

Web App Mock-Up

We encourage people who are interested in testing early stage software and providing feedback to sign-up and test our app! If you are interested in testing, please fill out this form and someone from the Vista List team will reach out to you with the test link along with instructions.

We are very excited to get customer feedback and build out a great product that everyone uses. Turn on your countdowns and wait for the final product to be released!

Thank you,
The Vista List Team