In college, it feels like you have an exam or a midterm every week of the semester. Along with class, work and your personal life, it is hard to plan to effectively study. Before you know it, it is the night before the exam and you haven’t reviewed a single chapter. So what do you do? Turn on the coffee pot, pull an all nighter and hope that all your last minute effort was enough to pull through and get a good grade. What if you could use a to do list that showed you countdown timers notifying you how much time you have left to complete studying a certain chapter or completing problems? Every time you looked at it, wouldn’t it set in a little panic making you put more time aside to study days or even weeks before the exam, making you more prepared than pulling an all nighter? Then, you can have a good night sleep and do great on the exam. Would you use this tool? Vista List does exactly this. It allows you to create projects and tasks and assign a due date to them. Rather than just showing you a due date, Vista List displays a countdown next to the project or task so you know exactly how much time you have left to complete it. It is a great tool to prepare studying for exams. Read on to learn how.

Vista List comes pre-installed with three groups: Work, Personal, and Event. For students, you can go into settings to edit groups. Most of our students like to create a group for each one of their classes. Others like to keep it simple and just have one ‘School’ group.

When you find out about an upcoming exam, simply make a new project in Vista List. Press the ‘+’ button at the bottom, select project and then type in the name of the exam (i.e. Bio Midterm). Since you know the date of the exam, select the calendar icon and enter the day and time of the exam. If you want to be reminded the day before the exam, select the alarm clock icon and set a reminder.

  VistaList-Exam-1      VistaList-Exam-2     VistaList-Exam-3

Vista List will automatically create a countdown showing you exactly how much time you have left till the exam. When you have 24 or less hours before the exam, Vista List will highlight the countdown orange to create a sense of urgency.

Now, add all the tasks associated with studying for the exam. To be a good student, you want to set studying milestones like ‘Read chapter 5 by Friday’, ‘Finish practice test by Sunday’, etc. This way you can select a due date and create a reminder. A countdown will then be created for your studying milestones so again you know how much time you have left to complete that milestone. You can even add additional tasks to your tasks (sub-tasks). For instance, your task can be ‘Complete chapter 5’ and the subtasks can be ‘Read chapter 5’ and ‘Review practice problems’.

VistaList-Exam-4    VistaList-Exam-5    VistaList-Exam-6

Ok, when you have all your studying milestones / tasks entered into Vista List, it is time to go and study! When you have less than 24 hours to complete a milestone the countdown will turn orange notifying you that you are running out of time. If you go overdue, the countdown will turn red and continue to countdown showing you how overdue you are.

VistaList-Exam-7     VistaList-Exam-8    VistaList-Exam-9

As you complete tasks and sub-tasks, you will see the progress bar get closer to 100%. This is added motivation so you can track your progress and feel more prepared for your exams.

Interested in using Vista List to study for your exams and help with your school? Download for iOS today!