You know what a great way to be productive is on your morning commute or while you are hanging out? Listening to podcasts. You know what is even more productive? Listening to podcasts about productivity and time management! Everyone from fortune 500 CEOs to students to parents want to maximize their time and get more done so they spend more time doing the things they love.

In no order, here are our recommended Podcasts in no particular order that will help increase your productivity.

Make It Snappy Show


Nick Snapp was once a project manager and decided to take all his knowledge gained in his career and help coach people towards a more productive life. In addition to coaching, Nick created the Make It Snappy show in

December of 2015. Nick is full of energy, funny, and really engages with his guests. His topics include side hustles, managing time with a family, productivity tools and tips, getting things done, and more.

Listen to the episode Vista List’s co-founder was on where they discuss side hustles and maintaining relationships.

Productivity In Tech

Jay Miller hosts a great podcast about productivity. What is a little different than other productivity shows is that Jay focuses on technology and how it can make people more productive. What is really interesting is he talks to engineers and other techies about how they manage to be productive in their fast paced field. Topics include, product development, productivity, family, focus, and more.

In the beginning of 2017 the co-founder of Vista List had the privilege of being on Jay’s podcast. Listen here.



Mike Vardy is a productivity guy. In addition to his blogs, newsletters, and coaching, he has developed a great podcast. Mike discusses a wide range of topics including to do lists, habits, goals, time management and more.  We recommend signing up for his newsletter as you get great weekly and monthly tips to increase productivity right to your inbox!

Try this episode where where Mike and his guest talk about automation.

Beyond The To Do List


Erik Fischer has created one of the most popular productivity podcasts out there right now. We really like it because Erik hosts a wide variety of people that come from different backgrounds. The topics include creativity, productivity, prioritization, hustle, and inbox zero. It is a great podcast to hear individuals discuss their successes and more importantly their failures and how they learned from them.

There is no one size fits all for productivity. Listen to this episode to learn how to find your personal productivity profile.

The 5AM Miracle


Here at Vista List, we are huge fans of waking up early and developing early morning habits. Jeff Sander’s podcast is all about making your mornings more productive and getting ready for anything the day is going to throw your way. Jeff is a world reknowned productivity coach and this podcast is a way to get free tips for motivation and get started towards a more productive life.

Are you in a mental rut and don’t know how to get out of it?

The Art of Charm


This is the one podcast in the list that features two hosts, AJ and Jordan Harbinger. Along with the show being fun and entertaining, the podcast is very informative. In addition to talking about productivity and motivation, these guys dive into relationships and self confidence as an added bonus.

Finding a good mentor can not only help your career but your personal life. This episode on The Art of Charm explains how to find a great mentor.

Get-It-Done Guy


Everyone wants to get more done so they have more time to spend with friends and family, workout, work on their hobby or whatever it may be. Stever Robbins of keeps his podcasts sweet, simple and to the point so you can focus on getting stuff done. He discusses methods and tips in streamlining your life helping you better manage your time and get more done.

If you listen to another podcast that has helped motivate you or become more productive, put it in the comments below. Share your favorite one with your friends, co-workers, or family to help lead them to a more productive life.