Everyone wants to be more productive regardless if you are a Fortune 500 CEO or a student. People want to get more done so they can advance in their career, get a product out on time, spend more time with their family or simply do more of what they love.

In no order, here are 10 amazing YouTube videos that provide great advice on time management, productivity and motivation.

1. The Science of Productivity

This video really breaks down productivity and explains what it really is. You will learn one of the toughest parts about productivity is actually getting started.

You’ll also learn how to motivate yourself and not slack off and find out that productivity isn’t necessarily about getting more done, rather learning how to prioritize. This video also gives great tips about how to use to do lists and explains how powerful deadlines can be.

2. The Art of Stress Free Productivity 

David Allen is the inventor and guru of the ‘Get it Done’ method. In this video David discusses how to make productivity less stressful. He argues that time isn’t always the issue rather what he calls your psychic bandwidth.

3. The Psychology of Self Motivation

In this amazing TED Talk, Scott Geller, a psychology professor, discusses the psychology behind self motivation. In his talk, he asks three important questions: 1) Can you do it? 2) Will it work? 3) Is it worth it? Scott then goes on to explain that after you answer yes to these three questions, you also need to know the four C words that fuels self-motivation: consequences, competence, choice, and community.

4. A More Human Approach to Productivity 

Chris Bailey discusses how to take a more ‘Human’ approach to productivity. He explains that productivity doesn’t have to sound or feel like a corporate strategy.  Chris argues that the best way to become more productive is to manage our time, attention, and energy better. Chris also provides 5 practical ways to make everyday more productive.

5. Forget Multitasking try Monotasking

This TED talk by Paolo Cardini is an inspiring one. Today, we always try to do 100 different things at once like listen to music while working or typing an e-mail during a meeting. Paolo and others state that multi-tasking actually ruins productivity. If you are a multitasker and you don’t think it is helping you, watch this video to learn about monotasking.

6. A Method to X100 Your Productivity

Robin Sharma created this video to explain to individuals how they can increase their productivity 100X. He goes through and explains four different ‘methods’ to do so:

    1. The 90/90/1 Rule
    2. The Tight Bubble of Total Focus Strategy (TBTF)
    3. The A-Player Orbit Mentality
    4. The Learned Minimalism Philosophy

7. Seven Brain Hacks to Improve Your Productivity 

This quick, fun video by Buzzfeed demonstrates seven different hacks to boost your productivity. They’ve done their research and backup their claims with real data. Learn things like stop multitasking, have a to do list, exercise and more.

8. How to Manage Your Time Better

Struggling to manage your time? In today’s world, there are a million things to do but only so much time to do them. How do you manage your time and get everything done that needs to be? This short, animated video explains 3 quick steps to help you better manage your time. 1) Prioritize your to do list 2) Declutter 3) Schedule. 

9. Tips to Structure Your Day

Brian Tracy has 2 great tips for you. 1) Plan your day the night before. 2) Set priorities on your to do list before you start your day. Planning is important, but it is more important to set priorities and deadlines. In addition, Brian also discussed the 80/20 rule and how you can take advantage of it.

10. How To Be More Productive – Reverse-Engineer your day Productivity and Time Management Tips

In this fun, animated video the guys behind Practical Psychology  discuss different methods to reverse engineer your day and come out of it being better at managing your time and being more productive. They say to create three different goals in the beginning of the day. This could be for health, work, personal or any other part of your life. At the end of the day, they recommend to take an hour to ‘reflect’ on your day to see what you completed and what you didn’t. From there, you can readjust and plan for the next day.


Of all the videos, which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below! If you know someone that can take advantage of these videos and learn something, please share it with them.