I was recently on a podcast with Mike Vardy where I discussed the challenges of transitioning from college into the workforce. When I started Vista List, my goal was to help people be more productive. But, as we started getting customers and talking to them, I had a light bulb moment. One of the biggest life transitions someone will make is when they graduate college and go into the workforce. That is when the team at Vista List started to double down by seeking out college students so we can help them better plan and prioritize their college life so they can be successful in college career. Thus far, we have had positive results in helping students prioritize, but I wanted to go a step further.

After doing the podcast with Mike and getting great feedback from many of his listeners, I decided to start writing about tackling the transition from college into the workforce. I have recent personal experience of doing this and have helped not only my friends do the same but others that have reached out to me through Vista List and other channels.

This is the start to my series called ‘Tackling The Transition’. I will be writing and posting on the Vista List blog as well as my personal blog. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to know or read about, please reach out to transition@vistalist.com. I look forward to writing on this topic and hopefully helping college students start their careers off strong.