Settings were designed just like the rest of Vista List, to be simple. To get to the Settings in Vista List, go to the Home Screen and select the settings icon in the upper right corner (The Gear Icon).


The following screen will appear letting you manage your Groups, change your profile, general settings, and sign-out.


Manage Groups. With Vista List, you are able to add and delete Groups. Select ‘Manage Groups’. To delete a group, swipe right to left and the Red ‘Delete’ icon will appear. Note: If you delete a group, the items that were associated with that group will also be deleted.
To add a Group, press the ‘+’ button in the upper right corner, enter the desired name and select ‘Done’

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Edit Profile. Change your name and tagline here. You can also select your profile image here. Note: Change password feature is not working just yet — stay tuned. If you need to recover your password or change it, contact

Help. Having issues with Vista List? Contact

About. General information about Vista List including our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

Reminders. You can change the setting in Vista List to automatically remind you when your to do is near due. You can also manually add reminders in Vista List (Tutorial).

To sign-out, select the ‘Log-out’ at the bottom of the screen.

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