Reminders are always needed in our lives. You tell yourself you need to do something, but 4 hours later you forget! With Vista List, not only can you create countdowns to create a sense of urgency, but you can also add a reminder just in case you forget to open up Vista List to check. Here is how to create a task and add a reminder in Vista List.

1. Anywhere within Vista List you can create a new task by pressing the ‘+’ at the bottom of the screen.
NOTE: If you are already in a project or task, Vista List defaults to adding a task.


2. Type the name of your task and select the category (Project or Task to associate it with).
NOTE: If you added the task within a Project or Task, Vista List will automatically associate it with it.


3. Select the calendar icon and choose a date that the task is due.
NOTE:Vista List will default to the current date at 11:59PM.


4. Select the alarm clock icon next to the calendar icon to set a reminder. Set the time and date you would like to be reminded, then select the check mark.
NOTE: Vista List defaults to an hour before the task is due.


5. When completed, select ‘Add Task’.

6. You’re done! When the time comes, Vista List will create a pop-up notification on your phone just like all your other apps.


You can also have Vista List ‘auto-remind’ you for all your Tasks and Projects. In Settings, select the ‘Auto Remind’ option and Vista List will automatically remind you 1 hour before all your Tasks and Projects are due.

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