Are you always finding yourself putting the same tasks on your to-do list? Every month, do you set a to-do to pay the dreaded cable bill by the 2nd? I bet it is annoying to have to do that every single month and by the way, you forget what day it is until it is the 2nd and you might be overdue!

Set it once and forget it with Vista List. Vista List offers great features to let you know how much time you have left to complete a task, remind you before it is going to be due and allow you to make the task recurring so you only have to enter it once. So not only does Vista List help you pay your bills, but it also maximizes your time and stops headaches by only having to set it once. Leave it up to the cable company to give you the headaches.

Here is an example. Let’s say your cable bill is due the 2nd of every month, but you want to pay it by the 1st. In Vista List, create a new task and choose the group you want to associate it with. Note: Many of our users make a Project called ‘Pay Bills’ and put it under the ‘Personal’ Group. Type the name of the task and then select the calendar to set the due date to December 2nd, 2016 at 5PM. You want to make it recurring so you only have the create this task once. Select the circle icon with the arrows in the center and choose ‘Every Month’. then, select the check mark to accept. Remember you want to be reminded the day before to pay it, so select the alarm clock and choose December 1st at 7PM.

vista-list-recurring-task-cable-bill-screen         vista-list-recurring-task-select-screen          vista-list-recurring-detail-screen

Done! 3 simple steps and now Vista List will create a countdown letting you know exactly how much time is left until your cable bill is due. It will then remind you the day before it is due so you know to pay it and after you complete it, Vista List will automatically re-create the task and repeat the process next month.

Check out more features and tutorials on Vista List on the website.

Vista List is available in the Apple App Store. Visit the link to download today!