Vista List was designed to easily track your to dos for all aspects of your life be it work, events or personal to dos. Vista List allows you to change your Group names from the default and add any amount of Projects and Tasks to each Group.

Groups: Groups are the highest level of logic in Vista List. This is where you break apart your Projects and Tasks. All Projects and Tasks must be associated with a group. The default groups are :

Personal: For all of the things going on in your personal life
Work: For everything going on in your work life
Events: Any event going on in your life, put it here

For information on how to change Group names, visit (

Projects. Projects are for long- term to do’s. As stated above, these need to be associated with a Group. You can choose to add a due date to a Project and Vista List will automatically create a countdown. Tasks can be added to an individual Project as well.

Project Example: John’s Birthday Party

Tasks. Tasks can be long-term or short-term to dos. Tasks do not need to be associated with a Project but need to be associated with a Group. Sub-Tasks can also be added to Tasks. Due dates are optional when adding a Task.

Task Example: Get John’s Birthday Cake

Sub-Tasks. These are smaller to dos that are associated with Tasks. They function the same as Tasks, but are just a sub part of a Task. Due dates are optional when adding a Sub-Task.

Sub-Task Example: Ask John what cake flavor he likes


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