Navigating within Vista List is simple. When you first open Vista List, your Home Screen will appear. The Home Screen displays your Projects and Tasks that are due the soonest.


Navigating in and out of your to do’s.

To view all your Projects and Tasks within a Group (i.e. Personal), select the Group name in bold at the top. This will then take you to all the Projects and Tasks you have within that Group. To go back, simply press the back arrow button in the upper left to take you back to the previous screen.





If you want to see more detail about a specific item, select it again. You will be presented with what is called the ‘Detailed View’. Here, you can add notes, add more time, edit your to do, delete or mark it complete. You will also be presented with all the to do’s that are associated with it. To see the same view for a to do in the list, select it. To get back, simply press the back arrow in the upper left until you are back on your desired screen.

vista-list-navigate-task-selection-from-group-screen          vista-list-navigation-detailed-view-screen

Each time you select an item within Vista List be it a Group, Project or Task, it will take you to the next level of detail.


vista-list-navigate-task-selection-from-group-screen  vista-list-navigating-trash-detailed-screen  vista-list-navigating-trash-detail-2-screen


Vista List allows you to swipe on a Project or Task to enable quick action or see more information.

On the Home Screen, you can swipe right to left on a to do and mark it complete. No need to select it, then mark it complete.


If you are inside a Project or Task (Detailed View), you can swipe right on an item to see how much time is left on the countdown (Due date needed) or you can swipe left to quickly add time, delete the item or mark it as being complete.


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