Looking for some quick simple tips to increase your productivity? Read on for 20 great tips on how to kick start your productivity and exceed your goals!

1. Get up early.
Research shows that waking up early can make or break your day. Even an extra 15 minutes early will allow you to knock out small tasks before the distractions of the day start.

2. Eat Breakfast.
No matter how busy you are, eat breakfast. It’ll fuel you for a terrific start to your day. Make it healthy (eggs and a smoothie). Healthy people are more productive.

3. Exercise.
Do this in the morning to get it out of the way and off your mind. This will help you be productive in the short term and for the long term. It will also help keep the weight off from all the holiday cookies.

4. Maximize Your Commute Time.
This is one of the few times in the day you have no distractions. Take advantage of it and listen to a Podcast or audio book.

5. Set a Daily Goal.
Take the 15 minutes from waking up early and set simple goals for the day, and then accomplish them.

6. Set E-mail Rules.
This could be once in the morning and once in the afternoon or every 2 hours. Just make a plan and stick with it. Constantly checking your e-mail will stop you from getting your important tasks done. It can wait.

7. Stop Multi-Tasking.
When you multi-task your mind is thinking about two things at once causing distractions. One of those tasks is going to take a hit. So choose one, knock it out of the park and move onto the next one.

8. Set a Strict Time Limit On Meetings.
When you walk in the room get to business. Be aware of the time and when time is up, let your team know and end the meeting. Stop the chit chatter before and after the meeting.

9. Black Out Distractions.
No social media, no 10 minute talks about Jack’s new dog. If it is getting loud aroudn you, pick up your work and grab a conference room.

10. Research and Prepare.
Know what the purpose of your meeting or phone call is and stick to it. If the topic is not relevant the to purpose, don’t discuss it. If the meeting or call starts to take a tangent, steer the conversation back on track.

11. Get The Hardest Things Done First.
Knock our your hardest and most dreaded task first. This will create a little internal victory for yourself and keep you motivated moving forward.

12.  Reward Yourself.
You have worked hard getting everything checked off your to do list. Reward yourself with a cup of coffee or a small victory lap around the office.

13. Check Yourself.
Check in with yourself at lunch. Are you on track to get done what you want? If not, change it for the afternoon. Repeat at the end of the day so you can do better the next day.

14. Take Breaks.
Don’t burn out, that makes it worse. If you find yourself slipping, take 5 to get some water or go outside for a breath of fresh air.

15. Say No. 
You do not have to do everything. Consider if the task aligns with your goals and priorities. If it doesn’t reject it or delegate it.

16. Delegate. 
Do you have to do it or is there someone else with less on their plate that can? Don’t be afraid to pass off some of your work. It is better that it gets done rather than not, even if you didn’t do it.

17. Break It Up.
Break up big projects into smaller tasks and milestones.

18. Learn From Others.
Talk to people who are going through the same thing as you or have been through it before. Learn from their successes and mistakes.

19. Don’t Settle.
The most successful and productive people always looks for ways to improve themselves and their work everyday. Just because you got through one day successfully, doesn’t mean you can take your foot off the gas pedal.

20. Use a To Do List.
Be it a pencil and paper to do list, an App on your phone or the notepad on your computer make a to do list. This way you know exactly what you have to get done and mark everything off as you complete it. We recommend using Vista List as it uses countdown timers to let you know exactly how much time you have left to complete your todos.

Print these tips out and stick them to your mirror or somewhere in your office. Everyday you will be reminded of these small, but important tips to help your productivity.

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