Vista List allows you to create both Projects and Tasks (to dos). Projects are meant for more long to dos and have many items associated with them. For instance, planning a birthday party would be considered a Project. Then, you can associate Tasks with those projects like buy birthday cake. You can also associate Tasks with Tasks. For instance, under the ‘Buy Birthday Cake’ Task, you can say ask John if he wants chocolate or vanilla.

Regardless of where you are in the app, click the ‘+’ at the bottom of the screen. If you want to create a new Project, select ‘Add Project’. If you want to add a Task, select ‘Add Task’. If you are already in a Group (i.e. Personal), Vista List will automatically associate your Project or Task with that Group. If you are within a Project (i.e. Birthday Party), Vista List will automatically associate that Task with that Project. This can be changed be selecting the ‘category’ button when adding a new item.

vista-list-creating-project-tutorial-screen     vista-list-creating-project-tutorial-adding-name-screen    vista-list-category-selection-screen

vista-list-add-reminder-add-due-date-screen    vista-list-add-reminder-add-reminder-time-screen

Note: Sub-Tasks and Tasks are added the same way. When you select a category, putting that task underneath another task is what creates the ‘sub-task’.

You are required to complete 2 things before you can add a Task or Project.
1) Name. Keep it short and simple, you can always add notes to it.
2) Category. Either select a Group, Project or Task to associate the new item with
Note: When you are in a Project and select ‘Add Task’ the Task is automatically associated with that Project, making it quicker to add multiple Tasks. When you are inside of a Project, pressing the ‘+’ automatically defaults to ‘Add Task’.

1. Due Date. Select the calendar icon and choose a due date. This is what creates the countdown. Without a due date, Vista List can not create a countdown.
2. Recurring Task. When you select a due date, click the icon in the center to create a recurring Task. This can be changed by editing the Project / Task and selecting the ‘X’ button.
3. Reminder. Set a reminder for your Project or Task and Vista List will automatically send you a notification at that time. If you have a recurring Task or project, the reminder will recur with it.

When complete, the ‘Add’ button will appear. Select that and your Project or Task will be added.

vista-list-add-project-snippet-screen          vista-list-create-project-complete-screen

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