You’ve finished your Project or Task (hopefully on time!) and now you want to mark it complete in Vista List. Vista List offers multiple, intuitive ways to mark your Project or Task complete.

From Home Screen. If your to do is listed on the Home Screen, simply swipe from right to left on the countdown timer and then select the check mark.
NOTE: Projects or Tasks will only appear on the Home Screen if there is a due date / countdown associated with that Project or Task.


From Group Overview. If you are viewing a Group (i.e. Personal) you can swipe from right to left, then select the check mark.


From Detailed Screen. When you select a Project or Task, a detailed project screen will appear. Here, you can select the check mark on the right side underneath the status bar.

If you have more to dos associated with the Project or Task you are viewing (They will be shown below in the list), tap the circle to the left of the item name or swipe right to left and select the check mark. When you swipe left, you can also add more time or delete the to do.

vista-list-detailed-check-complete-screen           vista-list-detailed-check-complete-2-screen

NOTE: If you have other to dos associated with the one you are marking complete, Vista List will let you know so you can either check them all off, or look at them to make sure they are complete.

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