Beta Web App Tutorial

Thank you for being a Beta Tester for the Vista List Web Application! This is a basic tutorial on how to set-up an account, how to get started and high level expectations while using the Beta. Please note, we will … Read More

Creating a Recurring Task in Vista List

Want to create a Project or Task and have it repeat every day, week or year? In Vista List this is simply done when creating a new Project or Task. 1. Create a new Project or Task 2. Select the … Read More

Creating a Project or Task in Vista List

Vista List allows you to create both Projects and Tasks (to dos). Projects are meant for more long to dos and have many items associated with them. For instance, planning a birthday party would be considered a Project. Then, you … Read More

Vista List Settings

Settings were designed just like the rest of Vista List, to be simple. To get to the Settings in Vista List, go to the Home Screen and select the settings icon in the upper right corner (The Gear Icon). The … Read More

Vista List Project & Task Sturcture

Vista List was designed to easily track your to dos for all aspects of your life be it work, events or personal to dos. Vista List allows you to change your Group names from the default and add any amount … Read More

Setting a Reminder in Vista List

Reminders are always needed in our lives. You tell yourself you need to do something, but 4 hours later you forget! With Vista List, not only can you create countdowns to create a sense of urgency, but you can also … Read More

Creating an Account in Vista List

There are two ways to create an account in Vista List. Facebook Login. If you want to use your Facebook login, select this option and enter your Facebook login credentials. New Account. If you don’t have Facebook or do not want to … Read More

Vista List Change Group Names

Vista List defaults to 3 Group Names: Work, Personal, and Events. Groups are where all you Projects and Tasks will be nested under allowing easy management of all your to do’s. Personal: For all of the things going on in … Read More

Completing a Project or Task in Vista List

You’ve finished your Project or Task (hopefully on time!) and now you want to mark it complete in Vista List. Vista List offers multiple, intuitive ways to mark your Project or Task complete. From Home Screen. If your to do … Read More

Navigating Vista List

  Navigating within Vista List is simple. When you first open Vista List, your Home Screen will appear. The Home Screen displays your Projects and Tasks that are due the soonest. Navigating in and out of your to do’s. To … Read More