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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Morning Motivation

7 AM comes around and your alarm starts beeping frantically once again as you roll over and press snooze for the 3rd time that morning. By the time you actually do get up, you are running late to work and … Read More

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The 10 Best Productivity Videos That Will Inspire You

Everyone wants to be more productive regardless if you are a Fortune 500 CEO or a student. People want to get more done so they can advance in their career, get a product out on time, spend more time with … Read More

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Before You Commit, Know What Productivity Really Means

Written by Shawn, Co-Founder of Vista List. Originally posted on Medium. r/Productivity is the Sub-Reddit I visit, read and comment the most on. It is a place where people are truly having trouble being productive and are seeking help. There are … Read More

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One Question To Determine Your Day’s Productivity

Are you working on a project, personal or professional? Sometimes you can get caught up in e-mails or meetings all day and by the time you know it, it is already 7PM and it is time to go home. Later, … Read More

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Vista List’s First Update Released!

Here at Vista List we are excited to announce our first update since we released in the App Store in November. Thanks to all the feedback from our customers, we were able to fix some bugs and add some great … Read More

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How to Avoid the Danger of Binge Watching

Just one more episode and I’m done, I promise….Four hours later…just one more and I will take out the trash. How many times has something similar happened to you? In this day and age, I think we are all guilty … Read More

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Vista List’s Co-Founder on Productivity in Tech Podcast!

Shawn, Vista List’s co-founder, had the opportunity to be on the Productivity in Tech Podcast hosted by Jay Miller. Jay is one of Vista List’s favorite people as he helped Vista List from the beginning. From the website, to the … Read More

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How To Be An Early Riser

If you think being an early riser would just mean less sleep with no real benefits, you’re not alone. So, then why would you want to sacrifice on your early morning shut eye and be an early riser? Well, there … Read More

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Vista List’s Co-Founder on The Make It Snappy Podcast!

Listen to Vista List’s co-founder, Shawn, talk about everything from waking up early, to time management to starting and maintaining a side hustle. Shawn said it was a great experience and great to discuss his productivity habits and tips with … Read More

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The Psychology Behind Countdown Timers

The number one rule of productivity is that you don’t fixate and focus on something 24/7. By over thinking and pondering about the same thing over and over again, you stress your mind too much. This is why productivity maximizing … Read More

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