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Vista List V1.3 – Now Available!

Vista List V1.3 has just been released to the Apple App Store. Here is what the update includes: Support for iOS 11 Support for iPhone X Bug fixes and improvments You can download the update by going to the App … Read More

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Vista List Web App Beta Main

Vista List Beta Web App Is Here!

Today is a special day for us here at Vista List. We have officially launched the Beta of our Web Application! While there are still many bugs, missing features and a lot of development to go, we are excited to … Read More

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Beta Web App Tutorial

Thank you for being a Beta Tester for the Vista List Web Application! This is a basic tutorial on how to set-up an account, how to get started and high level expectations while using the Beta. Please note, we will … Read More

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Tackling The Transition: College to Career – Intro

I was recently on a podcast with Mike Vardy where I discussed the challenges of transitioning from college into the workforce. When I started Vista List, my goal was to help people be more productive. But, as we started getting … Read More

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Top Productivity Statistics and Facts

Did you know statistics are made up 80% of the time? Get it!? Productivity and time management are on the top of everyone’s list to improve. There are only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and … Read More

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The One Secret You Need to Get Out and Stay Out of Bed

DO PUSH UPS.   Once your alarm goes off, hop out of bed right onto the ground next to it. Then, start doing push-ups. This will not only get your blood flowing waking you up, it will help you get … Read More

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Using Vista List for your Projects & Papers

School projects are the worst… Weather you have a group of people or you have to do it individually, everyone dreads them. Most people dread them because you are given a project and a due date. Then, it is up … Read More

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Vista List for your Labs & Experiments

If you are a science major, pretty much all of your classes come with a lab attached to it. As you get farther in your college career, these labs go from a one day and turn in a couple page … Read More

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Stop Wasting Your Weekends Away

How to stop wasting your weekends away and be more productive.   Every week you go to work, and when the weekend rolls around it’s easy to succumb to laziness. That’s something you need to change! Stop wasting away your … Read More

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Using Vista List to Prepare For Your Exams

In college, it feels like you have an exam or a midterm every week of the semester. Along with class, work and your personal life, it is hard to plan to effectively study. Before you know it, it is the … Read More

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