Thank you for being a Beta Tester for the Vista List Web Application! This is a basic tutorial on how to set-up an account, how to get started and high level expectations while using the Beta. Please note, we will be rapidly making updates and fixes to the web app, so some of the screen-shots may become outdated.

For a list of known bugs/issues, please visit this page.



  • Since this is a Beta App, you may run the risk of losing your projects and tasks
  • There will be icons within the Beta App UI that may not be functional. They are there as placeholders and we are actively working on the back-end to enable these features. We will have the same features as that are in our iOS app as well as many more coming out in the near future.
  • This Beta will NOT tie into your Vista List iOS application. For testing purposes, we want to make sure data is separate between the two services. As we continue to build and refine the Beta, we will create the tie in so these two applications sync data.


To start, please follow this link to get to the Vista List Web App. You will then be get to the following page:

VL Beta Web App Login

Please fill out the relevant information and then select ‘Register’. You will then be prompted to login with the credentials you just created.

If you already registered and find yourself on this page again, simply select the ‘Login’ or follow this link.

Once signed in, you will be presented with the ‘Overview Screen’.

VL Beta Web App Overview

To add a new task or project, select the ‘Group’ from the drop down at the top and select your preferred Group:

Vista List Beta Web App Group Select

** Note: Groups are predefined in the early Beta. In later versions, the ability to add/change groups will exist. **

Type in the name of your desired task. You can either select the ‘+’ to add it to the list, or press Return/Enter on your keyboard.

You can continue to type in additional tasks until you are done.

Vista List Beta Web App Example Task

To view task details and do things like add a due date and notes, click directly on the text of the task and a ‘Task Detail’ screen will appear on the right. To set a due date, select the calendar icon, select a date and type in the time the task is due. Vista List will automatically generate a countdown and start counting down the time until the task is due.

Vista List Beta Web App Due Date

To add notes, select ‘Notes’ and type in additional information. To delete a task, simply select the red trash can icon at the bottom. When done, click outside the ‘Task Detail’ modal or the ‘<’ icon at the bottom and it will disappear.

On the left side of the screen, there is a navigation bar.

Vista List Beta Web App Left Nav

To view tasks within a specific group, click on the group. To view tasks that are due that specific week or month, select the appropriate modal.

** Note: There will be more functionality built out for the navigation bar in the future. **

Those are the basics to get you started! As we continue to build out and refine features, we will be updating this page.

For any bugs you come across, please email To submit a feature request, please email