Vista List packs tons of great features to help you get more done. We carefully integrated them into the application so they are simple and straightforward to use allowing you to quickly add to dos and focus on what is important, getting things done.

Here are some more great features of Vista List.


Vista List allows you to swipe on a Project or Task to enable quick action or see more information.

On the Home Screen, you can swipe right to left on a to do and mark it complete. No need to select it, then mark it complete.


If you are inside a Project or Task (Detailed View), you can swipe right on an item to see how much time is left on the countdown (Due date needed) or you can swipe left to quickly add time, delete the item or mark it as being complete.



Progress Bar. 


When you have multiple to do’s associated with a Project or Task, is it nice to know your progress at a glance. In Vista List, when a Project or Task has multiple items associated with it, a Progress Bar appears. When you select an item to be complete, the Progress Bar advances by a certain percentage based on the number of items and the number of items complete.

Task Bar.

When you enter the ‘Detail Screen’ of a Project or Task, a Task Bar will appear.

The icons below are explained from left to right:

Notes. Want to provide more information than the name or your to do? Click on the Notes icon and type away.

Quick Add Time. Need more time? Select this icon and quickly ass weeks, days, hours, or minutes. Add time by tapping the boxes.
NOTE: The time is added to the current amount of time left on your to do. If the to do is overdue, Quick Add time adds from 0 time. For Example: If your task is overdue by 4 hours and you add 1 hour, the countdown will begin to countdown from 1 hour.

Edit. Select the Edit icon to edit the name, change / add a due date, change / add a reminder or move the to do to another place.
NOTE: This is the same screen as when you first added the to do.

Delete. Don’t want to see it anymore? Select the Delete icon.

Show / Unshow Completed Items. If you have a long list of completed items and want to show them again, select the Show Icon. When you do not want to see them any longer, select it again and they will disappear.
NOTE: To completely remove the to do, it needs to be deleted.


Want Vista List to remind you every time your Project or Task is close to being due? In Settings, you can select the option to ‘Auto Remind’ you. You can also manually set reminders when adding a Task or Project as well as when you edit it.

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